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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In Your Dreams!

This is my new dream design for my lineup. I still have more beach designs to work on, but I also wanted to do a design about dreams. Trying to not do the traditional woman sleeping in a bed image, I decided to create her in her dreamland. She is growing as a tree, her branches reaching out to the stars dreaming of possibilities. I collaged fabric on for the ground striping it as a blanket-like look.
And to give it a nice border, more fabric. I like the finished result. Was originally going to say "See you in my dreams"
but that's so cliche so I decided to say "Meet me in my dreams".
Creating designs for Lunar is really different than doing my side art. The purpose always behind the design is to try and capture the buyers' desire. Try to tap into her personal
idea of the theme. That's incredibly hard. And more so for me, as I really don't think of myself as "ordinary" .. I play to a different accordion... so to speak! So I try to find the middle.. but still reach for the unusual. So it's complicated!

Doing my side art is freeing. I don't have to think about the audience. It's just my own creative juices coming out. Not that I try to stay too conscience when I design for Lunar.
Keeping a free spirit in that helps.
It really all boils down to I never know. I do the design, I toss it out into the world, and see
what happens. And I keep on dreaming up new ideas.


wolfie girl said...

I love it Linda! Can I use it in my next book? Along with the dream about Dan and whales? I also see you got the "i'd rather be alone" piece done too....They are both great!! xx wewer

Sharon said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for the invite to see your spirals. I love it. They are so fun.
And thanks for the great compliment you gave me.