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Monday, April 13, 2009

a little bird drifted into my world

I woke up this morning on really low battery cells. I have been BUSY BUSY BUSY with orders, getting ready for a road trip to Texas, and then we had a huge party at our house last night with over 25 people! Great fun, great food, great friends ... but, PHEW I am dragging tail today.
So with the beautiful sunshine coming into my studio this morning, my music playing, the birds singing....ahhhhh. I dipped myself into my art and let the muse carry me. Found my bag of small driftwood that I brought back from Hawaii.. and started playing. And this sweet little bird was born.. I love doing driftwood art. Walking the beach, picking up something that strikes your fancy, not always knowing what it is, but recognizing you want it for something! This is the 2nd piece of art I have made from my trips to Hawaii. I have decided to make one each time I go. A remembrance piece of art from those trips. I would lovelovelove to live near the beach again. It's so soul enriching and the inspiration of the ocean touches my art sparks.
We are leaving on Thursday for a 10 to 12 day trip to Texas.. a few days near San Antonio for Dan's family renunion, then we are headed to South Padre Island for 3-4 days on the beach. YES!!!! We are taking the camper and Marley-his first road trip! I am so looking forward to some real relaxing on the beach. I also want to get a lot more dirftwood. Coming back in the camper will allow me more ROOM.. than stuffing a small stash into my suitcase when I fly. So this is a great opportunity to score some cool stuff. YIPPIEE! Plus Dan and I haven't done a road trip in several years, and we always have so much fun. It is good to spend 24-7 with your mate.. reminds you how much fun you can have with some who you love so much and is your best friend.
Also road trips are great for re-stocking the eco pond for an artist. You can really sit back and
enjoy the scenery. I always take my road art supplies with me.. sketch book, watercolors, etc
so I can do art while I am traveling. And the beach is really fun to sit and do art.
But alas, I need to attend to some must dos now..

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