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Friday, January 23, 2009

Rainy Day

Raining today! But will probably turn to snow later..

I worked yesterday on the Tree of Life, and it really headed for the tropics. Think Taj's Hula Band was inspirational! I still have to paint the tree frog.. the white blob on the lower left is
his spot. I added the flowers at the bottom and then felt the piece looked like two paintings.

So I added the buttons through the tree to pull in the color of the flowers below. It made it look more connected and placed some flowers floating up around the tree. The leaves in the trees initially was going to be applied down with the gel medium but then decided I liked them simply tacked on their bases... more dimensional. I think the tree frog will add a live look to the painting. Plus frogs may be considered symbols of the unconscious because they live in the water. Frogs also represent transformation of the positive kind. So I think its a great theme for the piece. This revelation that occurs when I create, the muse that bubbles up for me, is what makes doing art so addictive for me. It's creating beauty with substance.
But alas, must jump into production today. Muse will have to wait patiently for me.

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