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Thursday, January 8, 2009

jammie day

Having a day of absorbing. Been surfing on the net, looking for inspirational ideas. Feeling lost again today. Am beginning to wonder if this is post stress from losing dad/caring for mom.
Hard to motivate myself. Which is so very unlike me. In the past, when I am up against this
stagnate feeling, rather than fight it, I give in. Let it play out But that doesn't seem to be working for me this time.
On an art note, looking forward to doing some new art.. waiting on the canvas's to arrive. Several friends have called with crisis modes which I have helped as best I could.
Okay off my pity pot. Take a shower, run to town, do some errands. get out of the house.
think that is partly starting to lock me down.
and take Marley for a walk. promised to do it everyday, good for the both of us.
oh I did get lots of photos organized for the family photo wall in the great room. need to pick up some picture hanging wire. can't find mine.

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