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Thursday, January 22, 2009

cloudy art day

It's a very cloudy day, and there is going to be weather moving in. It's cold too. The dampness in the air. Brrrrr. Makes you want to hole up in your art studio and create. Which is what I have been doing.
I am working on The Tree of Life painting I wanted to do. I started doing the tree trunk out of an old skirt...cutting the rolled hem edges. I liked the color and the stitching and
the linear look. Then I made fabric prints from some gauze I had with transfers. I was able to
get a lot of different prints to cut out the leaves. Those I sewed on using embroidery floss doing the french knot stitch. Eons ago, I was an avid crewel embroiderer.
The flowers are painted onto dictionary pages that I will cut or tear out and apply to the canvas.
I want to add words through the tree. It's evolving on it's own. I like to work that way.
Listening to Taj Mah and the Hula Blues Band - the cd Sacred Island. Cloudy winter days make me long for the warm sunny beaches. Would love to be playing in the sand with Emalie today.
I miss her and the warm tropical air that just makes your skin feel so yummy. Winter skin
here is tough! I slaver on scented oils and lotions to keep from shriveling up!
Back to art and work.. doing both. While paint dries, I work. One of the really nice thing about having my art studio plus working studio combined. I like it.

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