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Sunday, January 25, 2009

morning grace

Yesterday was a wet and sloppy day as I ran around doing errands. The snow/rain was making the roads and walkways a sloshy mess and while you know the moisture is wonderful for our mtns, it's so wonderful to wake up this morning and see sunshine. Though I think this is just a lull before the another storm comes through. Oh well, enjoy it while it's here.

I finished the frog on The Tree of Life.. It didn't excite me as much as I would of liked, but then every art piece cannot be the best. I liked the different elements but think it's too busy. But I will let it go. Don't want to get too invested and overwork it, the kiss of death. But there it is.
I love the tree frog. He is the best part for me.
Started a new piece yesterday morning. It's a garden painting with birds, hollyhocks and Marley. I wanted to do a painting in memory of my dad. He loved his flowers and feeding the birds in his later life. He never met Marley.. we were going to stop by on Monday but he
died on Saturday. He saw a picture of Marley that I sent him on the internet. After dad died,
I kind of wished I could of named Marley Charley.. but we had already decided. And maybe Dad wouldn't of been that honored anyway!
I am planning to plant some of dad's favorite flowers in the garden this spring. He loved
hollyhocks and cosmos. I am also planning a shrine for dad which will be in the garden
so I will surround this with those flowers. Plus I want to add Sadie's memory there too.
I have an old blue phone box that I scored one day driving through Wendy's drive-thru.
It's about 3-4 feet high and will be a perfect shrine box for my art project.

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