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Sunday, February 17, 2013

My husband is a car nut.   His cars is to him, as my art is to me.  The beauty of this, is we let each other be what we want to be.  Cars in the driveway, I lose count sometimes.  Some actually are driveable, others
are "projects".  Come into my studio, and I have plenty of my own "projects" parked around my studio.
So we are a good match.. we get it.

So when I saw this picture, I thought THERE WE ARE!!!!  We could incorporate a little of his car parts into
yard art.. and serve as a mailbox receptacle to boot.  The best of both worlds!!!!

I have been working fast and furiously with my books.  Bookkeeping isn't something I love doing.
I avoid it and now I am paying the price!  Catching up..  my brain is now properly fried.  Tedious.  I so appreciate anyone who does this for a living.  Because it rattles my brain after too many hours.  

So closing down the studio for the day, spruce up the house a bit, get dinner in the works and ease into the evening.  Tomorrow is MONDAY and I have a heavy duty week ahead.  Getting ready for a show in early March and doing a lot of new products in addition to the kitchen towels.  

But must show this cool picture to Dan.  Plus it has rock work to boot.  Another passion of his.
How can he possibly resist!?

ta now..

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