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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My ART at a really sweet wonderful fun shop here in Glenwood Springs!

so.  whoa. 
 It's been awhile... I have been sooooo busy with ART, LIFE, FAMILY, WORK..  I have not
had much time for this poor neglected blog.

I am back.
I am trying to get more balance in my life.
Important things will always get done, one way or another.
But the essential for my soul "stuff", I have been sorely neglecting.
Doing my morning ART has been scarce.  And that is not a good thing for me.
I started doing more art last week and I swear I could FEEL my world coming back into balance.
Colors began to brighten, vistas came into focus, LIFE just got better, birds started singing,
coffee tasted better, my husband fell in love with me all over again, you know, that kind of thing.

To catch up.. I did a LOT of holiday art fairs this past fall/winter till Christmas.  It kept me running
7 days a week.  I managed to stay healthy and pull it off, but I have to admit I was ready for a break.
But I am now rested and restored and jumping back into more show schedules. Can't keep me away for long!   Just signed up for a show in Salt Lake City March 9th called the Vintage Winters Market.  That will be a trek to get there (about 5 1/2 hours) but I was so fortunate to be invited to stay with an online  artist friend (FB) who has graciously invited me to stay with her.  wow.. lucky me.  I love hooking up with other artists on FB... we got to be friends virtually and now to have the opportunity to meet her in real.. it's just icing on the cake!

And I have been playing with new product development.. testing the waters to add to my array of products.
Doing coaster and printed pictures and playing with techniques.  Nice that I have places I can test
them before considering them in my wholesale lineup.  

Have also been toying with the idea of teaching some workshops on doing art fairs.  It's a learning curve and I feel very confident in how far I have come by doing so many.  Booth design is so crucial and I have often 
noticed artists trying to sell their wares when their booths are just sad looking!!!!  Kind of like you tend to focus so much on the trees, you aren't seeing the forest.  Understandable, but a part of marketing your 
art is the presentation.  It's that HOOK factor that you have to really work on.  I have been doing our local Farmer's Market here in town now for 3 years.. a weekly market and that's where I really learned a LOT!  I just kept improving on my displays and it helps with your sales!  And that's what we are trying to do, right?

So Life is wonderfully busy and exciting.  My new world for 2013 is 
Do it all, but take time to take those big cleansing breaths and just be in the NOW.
And I will make a point to get back into blogging more.  
ta for now.. 

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