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Friday, May 21, 2010


SPRING SALE at my studio today and tomorrow. 

With my daughter's wonderful help, we have been cleaning out stockpiles of too much of this and too much of  that. It was absolutely overwhelming for me when we started.  But as we made progress, I felt the energy of LESS IS MORE~.  That is a hard line to follow when you are a mixed media artist.  Much of what you let go, you know deep down, you would of  eventually found a need for the stuff.  But you also know at some point, it's good to clear out the space and allow new energy to flow.

I also have stockpiles of art that I am selling.  For low low prices.  Don't even think about how much time I spent creating these pieces, simply let it go for a small price and know that the rewards of more space will more than compensate for the low price of the sale.  So in the end of my studio storage space, I hung sheets, etc and created a small room of sorts to hang the art..  funky but it is working. 

Since moving into our house and my studio a year and a half ago, it was a rush to get things put away, often haphazardly, and then making time to go  back and organize, despite my best intentions didn't happpen till now.   And I have to say, having someone to help you is really a big advantage. 

    Plus, oh my.  Look at the space I have created!
:)  ta for NOW

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