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Monday, May 17, 2010


It was a long ardious search.  I had in mind what I wanted, locally there was nothing I liked.  So I have been on the internet for weeks looking for a new car.  Well new to me.  I wanted a Subaru Forester.. about 8-10 years old, relative low mileage and in great condition.  I was leaning towards white.  But when I found this car
this weekend in Denver, it had too many great assets I couldn't pass up for the mere fact it's gold, a color that I can easily live with.  It's a sweet little car, and will serve my needs perfectly.  Marley is sitting inside, already loving the ride, and Emalie loves the new "golden car"! 

Now it's time to say goodbye to Dad's Jimmy.  I will try to sell it for parts.. and it's still painfully sad for me.
I was so determined to some how restore it.  But the frame is so badly damaged, it was an issue of safety that
made me finally give in to no Jimmy.  Dad was a stickler for safety, and as much as he and I both loved the Jimmy, he would of never wanted me to drive a car that was not safe. I swear if we lived on a farm, I would plant it in a wooded glen and plant flowers around it and let it commune with nature.  But we do not have a
place to do that.  The engine is in perfect condition as are a lot of the interior and exterior parts.  So I am hoping I can find someone who will somehow resurrect the car.  It needs a new frame and to replace that
would of cost me over $5000 for just the frame.  But some interprising person could do it for far less.

I did take out some things from the Jimmy to put in my new car.  The rubber floor mats for the front fit perfectly.  And Dan helped me take out the installed accordian front window shade and install it in the new
Subaru.  Just a little of Dad's love in the car.  He would be happy...
ta for NOW.

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