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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hello Spring!

We have had a wonderful spring, lots of snow, lots of rain, and FINALLY some nice
weather!  Dan and I loaded up the RV and Marley and did a 2 1/2 week road trip to Florida and back.
It was delightfully fun.  We avoided the freeways, and found ourselves traveling through small towns and seeing the most beautiful green scenery.  It was so relaxing.  We stopped for a week in Valdosta, Georgia
to visit with Dan's daughter, husband and our sweet grandkids.. which was so fun.  We got to see Jillian
horseback riding and Seamus doing his karate.  Then we headed to a beach with everyone and had a wonderful weekend camping near the ocean.  Then we hugged and kissed everyone goodbye and 
Dan and I and Marley headed south into the land of palm trees and retired people.. Florida.  We stopped
to visit some distant cousins of Dan and enjoyed cooler than normal weather and saw so many great things.
Manatees, stingrays, a real live armadillo ( I have seen a zillion dead ones on the highways) and we ate and drank and laughed... it was just the best time.  I loved spending quality time with Dan.. he is such a happy go lucky guy and and I am so grateful for that energy of happy that is his natural state.  It was what attracted me to him in the first place.  I am very blessed.  And Marley was such a great dog.. all 100 pounds of him.  
Thank goodness we have a big RV!  I now understand why most RV folk have little dogs.  But of course, we wouldn't trade Marley in for the world, but he is a big, adorable galoopa.   

But, dang it,  it was time to head west towards home and jobs and we almost made it  but then hit a snowstorm so we stayed the last night of our vacation in a small mtn town and then headed over a pass with an elevation of over 11,000 feet early the next morning arriving home on Sunday.  

We are back to our normal lives now, and enjoying some great spring weather.  After I cleaned the deck last weekend, Willie our cat, promptly claimed the swing as his favorite napping spot... as you can see.  We are now in the process of cleaning the yard and getting ready for summer.
The apple tree is in full bloom!
The cherry tree somehow managed to survive all the snow storms and we
have baby cherries and now keeping our fingers crossed that we don't get a frost.
No frost would mean we will have a bumper crop of cherries... always an iffy
thing with our mountain spring weather...but I am hopeful.  

I am working fast and furious getting orders out and doing a show this weekend at the 
Four Mile Bed and Breakfast.. the annual spring Whimsical Women of the West show Friday and Saturday.
And tomorrow I will be doing another art demo day at Confetti Designs.. a wonderful women's boutique here in town.  Here I am doing the art demo last month.  It was really fun.

They are doing a big window display today at Confetti with my art and when I go there tomorrow, I will take pictures of the window.  I am going to be art painting the outdoor wooden bench!  Taking a big tarp and lots of bright colors, and will have a blast painting outdoors.  I love doing this kind of thing... and that's a big step out of my comfort zone, because the actual "doing" has always been a very personal thing for me. 

Next month I will start doing two farmer markets a week.. whoopie.. there comes a busy summer.  And I am  starting two new exciting adventures..more about that another time....  It's never a dull moment around here!

artfully yours,


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