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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

well here goes

I have decided to start a blog. Mainly for self. I need to keep a journal for growth. I am struggling with my creative energy. Looking at last year's numbers for my business and realizing I need to pump it up. To date, I have always relied on outside sources for my inspirational taglines for my designs. Some are my own creation, but more often that not,
they are dropped on me from somewhere. I need to get over the belief that I am not funny
enough to come up with great stuff. I have no problem saying funny things in life, but translating
that to my own resevoir to draw on, that is dismal for me. A mental block. Which I need to
GET OVER. So I am hoping this blog will do that for me.
And so I will post afirmations, sparks, and what if's. Leap leap leap! I promise lots of wit and
wisdom, moments of tail dragging and gifts to myself just waiting to be opened!
I make art everyday.. mostly. Some is work related some not. I have decided this year to work on drawings/paintings - more elements than complete pieces. Would like to gather a bank of images to use for future designs. Also do a lot of experimenting with new techniques. Play mostly. Early morning.. in my jammies with coffee and the day dawning. That's my time to be most creative.
Art is my base for my soul.. keeps me grounded and tuned up.
and so it begins.

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